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Crazy Diamond

The light sculpture Crazy Diamond is made of plastic waste collected by the citizens of the Odense suburb, Bolbro, and 100% recycled arcrylic boards on the sides. It was commissioned by the municipality of Odense in 2021 as a part of the area innovation project Dit Bolbro which, among other topics, was targeted a clean environment in the area. From all angles of the diamond, the colourful chambers tell each their stories about the climate change and the environment, some more abstract than others. Crazy Diamond symbolizes how trash can become treasure referring to the upcycling of the plastic waste as well as to the transformation of the previously less reputable suburb, Bolbro, to an attractive and precious urban area.
Crazy Diamond is created in close collaboration with Martin Hagbart Madsen, who was born and raised in Bolbro.

See more on Instagram: #crazydiamondbolbro

Thanks to our sponsor: Elektricom

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